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About Us

Tuds, "The Unknown Designers", embody the hard work of young entrepreneurs; We are a platform for all talented artists and emerging designers who are ruling in the heart of Uttarakhand. Tuds journey didn't stop at just imagination. The destination seemed distant, but the journey became beautiful. After making mountain t-shirts , hoodies, and online offerings, Tuds launched its app 'Pintu,' delivering mountain products like lentils, spices, tea, pickles, jams, and more. Now, accessing mountain products anywhere in India is just a click away. Their online store's immense success led Tuds to open its first offline store in Garhwal Shrinagar, where locals warmly embraced them. Today, Tuds not only thrives in Shrinagar but also reaches mountain products to homes in Dehradun through it's 2 offline stores. Tuds is making sure that mountain's fragrance and simplicity reaches in every corner of India. Tuds isn't just a business; it's a movement initiated in Uttarakhand, for Uttarakhand. It's a step to stop migration, to create a prosperous and convenient Uttarakhand. Tuds dreams to build a new and empowered Uttarakhand. Criticizing is easy, but bringing change and starting something new is equally challenging. Tuds embraced this challenge, lifting the burden on its strong shoulders, and started this journey of pride, determination and change. Tuds is not just a platform for young artists; it's a vision for better education, employment, and tourism in Uttarakhand. Tuds began this vision in October 2017 with the #Hitmyarpahaad campaign. They conveyed the message of planned and responsible tourism to tourists and local residents in Uttarakhand. Additionally, they made an appeal to Uttarakhandis living away to celebrate festivals like Boodhi Diwali and Egaas in their ancestral homes. Their initiative received support not just from the public but also from the government. On Tuds official website, you can find Pahadi merchandise , Pahadi badges, beautifully crafted Aipan Diyas, Pahadi pulses, Herbs and the Dancing Mountain Doll "Junyali". With these efforts, Tuds is winning the hearts of Uttarakhand and its people, and there's hope for more in the future.